Artist's Statement

Avenues To Stillness , is a series of panoramic photographs. All of the images in this suite are connected with Canadian shorelines. Each photograph was taken either while canoeing or while investigating the shore. The permeable, ever changing intersection of land, water and sky is what fascinates me here.

The photographs were taken with a 35 mm camera. The individual images have been cropped in the camera and are not manipulated before printing. The photographic images are pigment prints on Arches paper.

In recent years I have taken an increasing number of photographs of some of Canada’s remote areas in Ontario and British Columbia. The images from these locations, where man’s impact is kept at bay and the powerful forces of nature prevail form the basis for Points of View & Avenues to Stillness.

I work within monochromatic palettes, and utilize aspects of chiaroscuro so that within each image what is hidden and what is revealed by light becomes of primary importance.

Each image offers an insight into a moment where light, texture and the isolation implied by the composition conspire to bring the viewer to an aspect of stillness and contemplation.

Notes on the locations where the photographs were taken:

Dunes- Haida Gwaii
- North Beach, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC

Evening Light I – Bell Lake in Killarney Provincial Park, ON,

Evening Light II – Murray Lake in Killarney Provincial Park, ON

Gabriola – Gabriola Island, BC,

Killarney Morning - Murray Lake in Killarney Provincial Park, ON

Crepescule - Muskoka Morning – Pen Lake – Peninsula Lake, ON

Related body of work: Points of View

Avenues to Stillness