Avenues To Stillness is a suite of 12 large panoramic photographs.

Each of these images explores elements of remote, natural landscapes.

Paper size 17” X 42” – image size 12.5” X 37.5” . Pigment print on Arches Paper

Printed in an Edition of 25   $1,100.00

Killarney Morning I

Killarney Morning II

Killarney Morning III

Killarney Morning V

Evening Light  I


Evening Light  II


Dunes I - Haida Gwaii


Dunes II - Haida Gwaii


Gabriola VI


Crepescule - Muskoka Morning I


Crepescule - Muskoka Morning II

Crepescule - Muskoka Morning III


Avenues to Stillness- artist's statement

Related body of work: Points of View


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