The paintings in the Ancient Light series are part of an ongoing collaborative work between Karen Curry and K. Louise Vincent.

A cross-reading is taking place between a painter & a poet. An unfolding.
Pages gather & pigments scatter. Tomorrow the paintings & poems
will shift again, & you & i. Nothing holds. A meditation on blue becomes
a meditation on light, a concentration that keeps expanding.

© K. Louise Vincent, from the essay, Ancient Light: Reading Karen Curry, 2016

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Paintings by Karen Curry 2015-2016
The paintings are Acrylic on Yupo, 18” X14”, framed. $1,200.00
* Indicates that the painting has been sold
There are currently 30 paintings in 6 groups A,B,C,D,E & G

All the paintings have been documented with the intention of developing the book, Ancient Light. The lyric essay of 20 pages is complete in itself as is the narrative in
the 30 visual images.


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